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The ages-old tradition of the bride tackling all aspects of the wedding has been replaced with the 4 new cash-saving trends on page 9 that are slashing expenses -- but NOT quality -- of weddings across the country!

Unless your parents are totally loaded with cash, you can’t afford to miss the 4 questions divulged on page 10 that you and your fiancÚ MUST ask yourselves when budgeting your wedding!

If you think you know how much your wedding will cost, then TEST your estimates with my expert budgeting tips revealed on page 12, including equations and expenses that neither of you ever considered!

As you’re planning the happiest day of your lives, be sure to keep page 14 within reach so that you can constantly put this one essential tip to use that will add life to even the smallest ceremony!

As soon as the groom or bride-to-be gets home from work, ask them the 5 questions listed on pages 15 and 16 about planning the type of wedding sure to satisfy both of your preferences!

CALLING ALL BRIDES! Turn your attention to the “Bride’s Survival Guide” on page 16 that arms you with the 18 things every bride MUST check-off her list before the big dayeven if your wedding is taking place in grandpa’s barn! 

A timeless wedding doesn’t have to take place in a church, and if you bring your fiancÚ’s attention to the 5 other wedding-ready venues located on page 20, you’ll discover the secret to making a wedding work ANYWHERE!

You’ve probably found out the hard way that doing a search for “wedding locations” on Google won’t give you the results you’re looking for, but if you zoom to these 2 websites revealed on page 21, you’ll unlock a goldmine of pristine wedding venues near YOU!

They say “Home is where the heart is,” but don’t fall into the elusive money trap that has zapped the budgets of countless other couples who made the mistake of planning their wedding-at-home without consulting my expert “how-to” guide on page 22! Subscribe and get a sneak peak of the 10 home-wedding tips.

Be sure to pin-up page 22’s list of home-wedding must-haves on the bulletin board so that your “better half” will know exactly what it takes to experience an at-home wedding on a budget…without a HINT of tackiness!

…And don’t even THINK about calling on friends and family to take care of the 5 critical tasks on page 23 that should ONLY be trusted in the hands of a trained professional!

Hiring a professional wedding coordinator will send your budget over the moon. Instead, flip to page 24 for a list of 6 solid stand-ins that you can depend on to deliver an astonishingly beautiful elegant wedding for an astoundingly low price

Don’t let skyrocketing food prices suck-up your budget and the memories of your most precious day! Make sure the spotlight stays fixed on YOU -- not the food or catering -- by implementing the 5 food budget-saving tactics disclosed on pages 26-28

The cake is often the centerpiece of the wedding reception, but I probably don’t have to remind you that it can be often be the centerpiece of many couples’ budgets! That’s why it’s essential that you both read page 28 together for the secret to ordering and enjoying a wedding cake on a budget without ANYONE tasting the difference!

Sometimes, the decorations that adorn everything from the wedding area to the reception hall can make the difference between a lavish and frugal-looking wedding. The 8 tips revealed on page 33 will teach you how to cheaply purchase and create decorations that look anything but “budget!”

Why would you even THINK about dialing a pricey decorator when you can leave guests speechless with the 6 tips & tricks unveiled on page 35 for purchasing or creating elegant, impressive centerpieces?

Did you know that wedding favors can often tack an additional thousand dollars onto the expenses bill? To AVOID this snowballing expense, consult page 36 for the expert advice on preparing heartfelt favors that will leave your guests with a glowing impression of you and your ceremony!

Not sure what to do yourself and what to call a “professional” for? Then print-out page 38 as soon as your instant download is complete for the answers to the 6 most common wedding concerns, from the wedding dress to the invitations!

For 11 vital tips and tricks on buying and preparing everything from clothing to decorations, wedge a bookmark between pages 43 and 44 so you won’t miss out on this coveted price-saving information!

Even the most vicious “Bridezillas” are defenseless when it comes to avoiding the TOP 10 costliest mistakes revealed on page 51 made by na´ve brides. Don’t risk adding thousands of dollars to YOUR bill by making even just ONE of the Top 10, not even Top 100!


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